Modernization never meant Westernization


I went to shop some outfits this weekend, since I was looking to redress my wardrobe for this summer, however I came home with only a pair of heels and a few unstitched linens. These days, on the pretext of modernization the shops are selling bizarre styles, I don’t understand while dyeing if the dupatta flied off, or they mixed the trousers of XS with Medium. Besides in the ethnic section, there were just some poor labor’s used and torn off jeans options.

What is happening to us, if you adversite nudity, the result is obscenity and that is the catalyst of destroying family life style, which is the strongest pattern of the East.

Our generation is our valuable asset which we jeopardize today in the name of modernization. Dear reader modernization is never a concept of Westernization, instead Modernization means developing any country through economic growth, technology development and infrastructure raise. Whereas, Westernization means adopting the ideology, lifestyle and infrastructure of western countries. Modernization increases the use of science, while Westernization is just a notion of copying the Western theme.

How on earth you allow your heart to follow or appraise the West, won’t for a moment you recall the crimson turning River Jumna, blood socked alleys of Dehli, the loud shrieks coming from noble residence, our gold and diamond filled country spinning into dust.

If you talk about Modernization, when British I mean to say the SEA DOGS came to Hindustan, at that time we had two celebrated Madrasa in Dehli, whose education standard was far much higher than Oxford and Cambridge, where without discrimination Hindu, Muslim and Sikhs get their education, in comparison British Daly Collage was of old-fashioned standards and people prefer to get enrolled at those Madrasas. Our ancient brilliant system was destroyed by British, let’s say when they came to our country Punjab literacy rate was 85% however when they left it was just 9%.

Another example is of the science of Mathematics, in Arabic or Urdu we call the numbers as HINDSE, read it once again HIND SE meaning “from HIND”, it’s the name from which this science known in Arabia.

The science of Astronomy, in Hind whose knowledge even existed in Vedic times. Aryabhata, born in 476 CE calculated the length of the solar year to be 365.3586805. Brahmagupta of 7 Century who postulated, a thousand years before Newton, that gravitation is a force of attraction.

Well known is Ayurveda, which seeks to deal with the root cause of disease is another Indic science.

Our whole system has been fractured on purpose, since West couldn’t shine when Orient/East was already at its brilliant, there comes no comparison. Hence, for displaying the enlighten West, East has to be portrayed as Dark. And that is what happening since ages. The media is sold you know, as this land have produced lots of Mir Jaffers and Sadiqs, they are bent on destroying the populace.

Where went the incredible thinkers, the astronomers, the scientists, the revolutionist minds?


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