Innovation, Insight, Inspiration: “International Museum Day 2024 Salutes Museums as Drivers of Change”


Adnan Hameed

As the world prepares to celebrate International Museum Day 2024, on May 18, the city of Islamabad joins in commemorating this occasion with free entry to all its renowned museums. From the Pakistan Natural History Museum to the Pakistan Monument Museum, and from the National Book Museum to the Sir Syed Memorial Museum, Islamabad boasts a rich tapestry of cultural institutions that serve as custodians of our collective heritage.

This year’s theme, “Museums for Education and Research,” resonates deeply with the ethos of Islamabad’s vibrant museum community. These institutions, including the Heritage Museum Lok Virsa, have long been at the forefront of promoting education, research, and cultural understanding. Through annual events such as exhibitions, seminars, curator speeches, art activities, and awareness campaigns, they continuously strive to engage and enrich the public. Through immersive exhibits and educational programs, he has helped foster a deeper appreciation for the diverse cultural tapestry that defines the nation.

In Pakistan, the significance of museums cannot be overstated. Having served with over a decade of experience as the former “Incharge Protocol and Visits” of Pakistan Monument Museum, Lok Virsa Islamabad, I have had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative power of museums in enriching minds and bridging cultural divides. With over 2500 delegations of foreign dignitaries including head of the states visiting Pakistan under my stewardship, I’ve seen how museums serve as powerful vehicles for diplomacy, fostering dialogue and cooperation on the global stage.

International Museum Day serves as a poignant reminder of the invaluable role museums play in our society. They are not merely repositories of artifacts and relics; they are dynamic educational institutions that spark curiosity, inspire creativity, and promote cross-cultural understanding. As we celebrate this day, let us recognize the profound impact of museums in shaping our collective identity and fostering positive change in our communities.

In the spirit of this year’s theme, let us reaffirm our commitment to supporting museums as vital hubs of learning, research, and cultural exchange. By investing in their continued growth and accessibility, we empower future generations with the knowledge and empathy needed to navigate an ever-changing world. Together, let us celebrate the enduring legacy of museums as guardians of our past, present, and future.

In today’s interconnected world, museums serve as vital agents of cultural diplomacy, promoting dialogue, tolerance, and mutual respect across borders. Through international collaborations, exhibitions, and cultural exchanges, museums facilitate cross-cultural dialogue, fostering a deeper appreciation for our shared humanity and diverse heritage. By showcasing the richness and diversity of global cultures, museums promote empathy and understanding, laying the foundation for a more peaceful and harmonious world.

The writer, Adnan Hameed, is a Museum Operations and Cultural Expert, and can be approached by email at [email protected]


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