AlHuda CIBE and Aman Academy Egypt will collaborate to advance Islamic banking in Egypt  


Spokesman Report

Dubai: Learning Partnership Agreement between Aman Academy and AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE) has been inked. The Agreement was signed by Mr. Muhammad Zubair Mughal, CEO of AlHuda-CIBE and Mr. Osama Hegazy, Talent Development Manager of Aman Academy Egypt.

According to the Learning Partnership Agreement, both organizations made a joint commitment to cooperate in order to continue strengthening Egypt’s financial market potential for Islamic banking and finance, as well as to offer Technical and Shariah advisory, training, and other services. This agreement will prove to be a tremendous step forward for Islamic banking and finance in African nations, allowing Aman Academy Egypt to fully capitalize on AlHuda-CIBE’s competence in the areas of Shariah advisory and consultancy, capacity building, and learning.

AlHuda Center of Islamic Banking and Finance, acknowledges that Islamic banking and finance is rapidly evolving in African countries, and views the Learning Partnership Agreement as a vital step in promoting Islamic banking and finance growth. The agreement will nurture the Islamic finance industry by providing the solutions to bolster the alternative sustainable and emerging financial system in Africa. The agreement will nurture the Islamic finance industry with a new service.

Muhammad Zubair Mughal, said that these moments are very rejoicing when AlHuda CIBE and Aman Academy enter in joint collaboration, we will pool our expertise and resources to achieve the optimum goal of promotion of Islamic finance in Africa. This step will surely benefit Islamic banking and finance in the financial industry. He further added that we will not only be confined to the only agreement rather this relation will be extended to other stakeholders of Islamic finance industry.

He added that according to this agreement, both organizations will work together for the improvement of the awareness regarding Islamic finance in the region. He further said that both organizations will also work to strengthen the abilities to provide technical and Shariah advisory, research, training and other related services. He said that AlHuda CIBE is keeping an eye on Islamic finance industry of African countries. Furthermore, AlHuda CIBE and Aman Academy will mutually conduct training workshops on Islamic banking and finance by mutual consent.


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