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Monday, March 20, 2023
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Daily Archives: Feb 3, 2023

Whale Cloud Technologies   signed Distribution Agreement with Relacom

 Spokesman Report Islamabad: Whale Cloud Technologies (an AliBaba Company) signed a Cloud Solution Distribution Agreement with Relacom in Pakistan. This agreement authorizes Relacom for the...

Ericsson supports Pakistan in advancing its ICT sector : Aamir Khan

Spokesman Report What are the focus areas of Ericsson in Pakistan and what kind of services are you offering? Over the course of our presence...

Daily The Spokesman February 03 2023 PDF

Daily The Spokesman February 03 2023 PDF

Latest news

Who wants ‘rule of law’ at the cost of ruining law?

By Amjad Mehmood Islamabad: During last week, the lives of Lahore and Islamabad citizens in particular, and the rest of Pakistanis, in general, remained under...

Daily The Spokesman March 20 2023 PDF

Daily The Spokesman March 20 2023 PDF

Indonesian envoy greets young cyclists, admires their courage for good cause

Makkah-bound Indonesian cyclists   Naveed Ahmad Khan  —Two Indonesian cyclists Asid Kusuma Atmaja and Yunus who started their journey to Makkah to perform Hajj and Umrah...

On Root of Escalated Tension in Korean Peninsula

KCNA Pyongyang: The following is the full text of a commentator's article "On root of the situation in the Korean Peninsula on the brink of...
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