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Daily Archives: Jun 23, 2024

Non-Fiction: a History Of The Era

News Desk Autobiographies of men of stature are not just descriptions of the events that took place in their lives but also of the era...

A precise, legal strike on “Taiwan independence” separatists

Xinhua BEIJING: With a set of judicial guidelines targetting diehard "Taiwan independence" separatists, China on Friday revealed a new weapon, precise and legal, to defend...

Uzbekistan: a focus on promoting reading

Ramzidin Nuridinov Libraries play a key role in education, culture, and community development, providing an invaluable resource for accessing knowledge, preserving cultural heritage, and promoting...

Citizens’ protection, security top priority, says PM Shehbaz

Spokesman Report LAHORE: Prime Minister (PM) Shehbaz Sharif affirmed the protection of citizens and foreigners in Pakistan as a paramount state priority during a high-level...

Positive Steps towards Regulating Social Media

 Abdul Basit Alvi In the era of abundant information, propaganda emerges as a formidable tool employed by diverse actors to shape narratives, sway public opinion,...

Goodbye to Freedom of Speech and Expression

Qamar Bashir Yesterday (22.06.2024), the Prime Minister read a statement during a high-level apex meeting held to seek his approval for the new and updated...

Daily The Spokesman June 23 2024 PDF

Daily The Spokesman June 23 2024 PDF

Latest news

Israel wants to extend its territory by displacing Palestinians: Nader Al Turk

Naveed Ahmad Khan Islamabad: In a landmark visit that underscored diplomatic ties and shared aspirations for peace and prosperity, Nader Al Turk, Counselor and Deputy...

Turkmenistan, Afghanistan discuss ways of boosting transit in North-South

Spokesman Report Islamabad: As part of the First  North-South  Trade and Logistics Forum taking place in Aktau (Kazakhstan), a trilateral meeting of the heads of...

Daily The Spokesman July 20 2024 PDF

Daily The Spokesman July 20 2024 PDF

Afghanistan’s Economy Struggles Amid Reduced Aid and Narcotics Ban

Syed Fawad Ali Shah The fifteenth report from the United Nations Analytical Support and Sanctions Monitoring Team sheds light on the evolving landscape in Afghanistan...
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