Solidarity with Pakistan’s flood victims in the world’s worst climate disaster to date


Spokesman Report

Bonn/Islamabad:  WWEA expresses solidarity with the flood victims in Pakistan. The country has been hit by the so far worst single climate disaster. Following extremely heavy monsoon rains, a third of the country is currently under water and more than 30 million people have been directly affected by the floods, many of them lost their homes.

WWEA calls on governments and people around the world to support the people of Pakistan in this tragic crisis. Immediate aid is needed to help the country cope with the worst effects of the disaster, e.g. through donations to the well-known relief organisations, such as UNHCR.

WWEA President Hon. Peter Rae AO: “We call on the world community to support Pakistan now in this emergency. WWEA itself is preparing to help Pakistan rebuild, especially the energy infrastructure which is now to be based on renewable energies.”

“All the wind power plants are currently still producing electricity and helping our country cope with this epic crisis” says Dr. Irfan Mirza, WWEA Vice President, Pakistan. “The climate disaster once again underlines the urgency to fully switch to renewable energy. In the midst of the current disaster, it is easy to understand that renewable energy supply on a local basis not only strengthens our economic structures but also the resilience of our communities and people.”

“Pakistan is not only one of the countries most affected by the climate crisis, but has also been hit hard by the energy crisis which is putting pressure on public spending. The answer for Pakistan – as of the whole world – must be a future with 100% renewable energy future from domestic sources.” says Stefan Gsänger, WWEA Secretary General.


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